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The most impressive feature is the cathedral in the Zocalo or Town Center. What I was most looking forward to was the Anthropology museum which is also the Regional museum, so it includes items that provide a context for visualizing the past. This includes a Mastadon, which has even more impact, rembering the recent discovery of a less intact version of these creatures in San Diego. Scientists determined that man had been in North America, feeding on the bone marrow of the San Digo Mastadon, which means Man came across the Bering Strait to settle North America 100,000 years earlier. So there were probably Men in Guadalajara feeding off Mastadons and other extinct species, that far back.

The other feature of the Anthropology museum that impressed me was the section on Huichol Indians. Their artwork knocked our socks off, when we saw it, prevoiusly, in Puerto Vallarta. Now, we had a chance to gain some insight into the cultural background. For anyone with a strong interest in learning about Native Americans, Mexico has so much to offer. This was theme hit me in the face, Sunday, while visiting in San Miguel de Allende. We saw a parade with a theme that incorporated a Christian and Pre-Hispanic religious tradition. There were representatives of a great many Native American Tribes and Nations with the dress and other features of traditional festival celebration. The diversity was amazing.


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