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Pueblo Magico

Tepoztlan is one of 83 towns, in Mexico, that are designated “Pueblo Magico” or Magic Towns. The three qualities involved with this are natural beauty, cultural richness and historical relevance. Tepoztlan has attributes of all three. The Tepozteco Park provides a backdrop for the town, with hills which attract climbers from as far away as Australia and Europe. The town is known for costumed dancers called “Chinelos” which is derived from a Nahuatl word meaning “disguised. During “Carnival” (occurring during Lent), Chinelos parade through the square and perform dances. And regarding historical significance, the town figured prominently during the Mexican Revolution. One thing I enjoy most about this particular Pueblo Magical is the diversity of the people. First of all, I enjoy seeing the variety, in appearance of Mexicans, generally. But here, we also have Tepoztecan people and Europeans who can seem exotic.


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