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If It Ain’t Baroque, Don’t Fix It

We traveled to Pueblo, Mexico’s third largest city, to see a new Baroque museum. It is reputed to be the best of its kind, in the world. I admit that I studiously avoided Arts and Humanities courses whenever I could. I recall with suppressed glee, college freshmen friends moaning about names and styles they needed to memorize for Art Appreciation class. But the ingenuity of the curator-ship for this Baroque Museum changes my context powerfully. So my understanding of the Renaissance Time was dramatically expanded. What was most important was my enlightenment on the part Mexico and Latin America played in it during the Age of Exploration. The fact that the Pope came from Argentina is a clue. As Catholicism doubled during the Spanish and Portuguese Conquests and incorporation of indigenous peoples, the artifacts and talent of the Baroque did so, as well. The Cathedrals. churches and artwork are the equal of anything in Europe. But I am particularly fascinated with the fusion of cultures. So, the Anthropologist in me becomes energized seeing the Baroque Art.


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