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It is important to network, to meet folks, after moving, back in the U.S., but seems even more important, living abroad. The more opportunities, the better, and sometimes it takes some innovation and boldness. We joined a Book Review Club, which involves either sharing a a summary of contemporary book or sharing a book review of the book. I use the New York Times, myself, and a monthly sweep of the inventory of book reviews is a new habit for me. We have recently expanded to include films and t.v. shows that we run across. This expands our borders of attention to what is interesting. The best part is meeting fascinating people who joint the club. It is not a requirement to be fascinating, but does usually end up being the case. I recall, as a teenager, being exposed to expats when we visited old family friends, for Thanksgiving, who had been expats, and tended to invite other former expats to meet us. So, living (and networking) here in Tepoztlan has turned into a dream come true for many reasons…and one it the new kinds of people who have become part of our lives.



Jeff Wills

Paul – What’s the name of the book club, I’ve been looking to join a good one myself.

Paul Gottschalk
Paul Gottschalk

Jeff it was “Contemporary Book Club” but now we are including films and t.v. series, so it is Contemporary Arts Club. While it may be hard to participate in person, here in Tepoztlan, I would be happy to include a post from our monthly meeting discussion and share your inputs with the group. We define “Contemporary” as within the past 15 years. Folks don’t have to read a book to report on it. The Cliff notes are fine. I subscribe to the NYT to use their book reviews.

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