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Overview of Cabos San Lucas

We are finishing up our first week in Cabo. We are in the middle of Spring Break for U.S. college kids. We arrived at the airport, flying from San Jose, CA, where I was visiting my mom and brother. So we arrived at the airport with a thousand college kids going through customs at the same time. After an hour or so, we go to the immigration official. He told us that, next time, bypass the tourists and go to the Mexican Nationals line. In Mexico City ,this would be a line only for those with Mexican passports. In Cabos, Mexican Residents, like us, qualify to pass through this line. Well, if we had known this, we would probably been waiting in the shuttle for the Americans (semi-expats) who were there for their annual vacation. And we would have missed out on the opportunity to visit with tourists waiting in the cattle-lines to go through customs.
The most impressive thing about the Port of Cabos, is the rock formation called “Land’s End” that includes an arch and a beach, accessible only by boat. The next most impressive feature is the cruise liners, which we can watch from our timeshare room. The Marina, at the port, is the hub of activity, and a tourist magnet. We stayed clear of it, other than to take a whale – watching tour. March is the end of the season, but we did see a whale breach. Next week, we will be be at a resort that overlooks the Pacific, versus the Port of Los Cabos.

We are making plans for a return to Baja California, but are shooting for locations north of Cabos. La Paz is half-way up the coast on the Sea of Cortez and is the capital of Baja. I expect it is far less commercial than Cabos, but seems to have many of the same advantages, in terms of snorkeling, whale watching, and better beaches.


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Les & Bri Rockwell

Hi Paul & Anita, we are the couple that sat with you in SNA ( John Wayne, Santa Ana) and when our grandkids came… we went crazy with joy! LOL
It was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you about Mexico! Yes, the customs line was insane, but quite a learning experience for our 15 yr old granddaughter. Thank goodness, most people in line ( 99% ) were very friendly, well behaved, and fun to talk to. Luckily it wasn’t hot in there also! By the time we got to Villa Del Palmar…. it was ALL worth it! Beautiful. AFter our grandkids flew home with their mom & dad, we went to our friends home in Todos Santos ( for the first time ) WOW! We want to go back there. Beautiful, quiet, awesome restaurants, gorgeous empty beaches, and… an occasional cow or goat parade through downtown. It was safe, easy to maneuver and we will be back. Again, it was a pleasure and I will tell my friends about your site.

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