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Revisiting the Decision Matrix for Moving Abroad

One of our reference points for deliberating on the prospect for moving, abroad, is the periodical ” International Living.”  It presents a very rosy picture with compelling arguments, for moving overseas. However, we still have seen that such a decision can include reasons that are abstract and, to some degree, mysterious to us.  As I talk with expats in Mexico, I realize there is an important variable which is often omitted from the International Living articles extolling the benefits of moving abroad. I believe those considering the move need to find out if they are “wired” for living overseas. What I mean is that to fully take advantage of living in another culture, it is best to have (or develop) an attitude and perspective for being open and appreciating another culture.

So, we have been interviewing expats to learn more about what this mental map of appreciating another culture looks like. Tomorrow, we head to Cabo San Lucas in the Baja and will be talking with Americans and Canadians, there, to obtain their views on life, there. Six weeks, later, we head to Guadalajara, which has a large expat community, to learn more from them.


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