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Different experiences within the Country

We have been exploring options for moving from our more rural home to a place in the nearby city of Cuernavaca. A number of friends and social events are there, and we finf ourselves looking for a “city experience.” Cuernavaca has been the locale for new, “state of the art” shopping and apartment living. Yet there are older homes, with a lot of charm and upgrades that continue to come on the market. Plus, Carlos’ business is expanding beyond the community where we know live. After he finishes building a home for a client, in Tepoztlan, he will be building an office building in Mexico City. So, he will have more flexibility in his commuting arrangements. This supports the concept of relocating the extended family to Cuernavaca. As we are learning, the decision on where to live, in a given country, may even be more important, in some respects on the choice of country. Cuernavaca just opened a new supermarket that is bigger and more sophisticated than anything I have seen in the U.S. There are new outside shopping malls that have many of the retailers and restaurants we are used to seeing in the U.S., but in a dream location, in terms of weather, people and services.


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