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Thanksgiving Surprise

One our twice yearly trips to San Jose. CA, to visit my Mom, we attach another trip to it. This time, it was to Las Vegas to finally see the spectacle of Casino Hotels with elaborate presentations of unique themes. While our daughters, Laura and Mary have been out, a number of times, to California, to see their grandmother, this was Alison’s first trip. Having young children changes the possibilities for travel.

Unfortunately, my mom passed, last month, so Alison did not get to see her grandmother. However she was still part of the team to help us go through Mom’s keepsakes. Alison had spent a lot of time with her grandmother, before she moved out to California from Maryland, and this was still a part of saying farewell. And the trip was always about keeping connected to my brother and his family. Alison got the chance see her cousin, who she had not seen since they were both kids, along with her twin girls.

We had a bit of a scare, the night before our return home, as Alison’s passport had slipped into the back of a plastic case for a camera lens, concealing itself from easy discovery. Before the final search through the contents of her purse, we visited the stores and shops in the town of Campbell close to where Mom has stayed in an Assisted Living. We even went through a trash can, where Alison had dumped some trash that had been in her purse. Luckily, the final search of the purse turned up the passport. Talk about excitement.

As the travel planning worked out, we were destined to be travelling back, on Thanksgiving Day. Alison and I split a turkey BLT at the airport, which seemed would be the extent of our connection to the national pastime. Our son-in-law, Carlos,, met us at the airport with the two cuties. Mila and Zaha, and whisked us home. He and his dad had been working on a surprise, before his departure to the airport. As we walked into the dinning room, we saw it was set up for a nice dinner. In the oven was a smoked turkey. On the stove were all the fixings for Thanksgiving. Oh. Yum. I am so pleased that smoked turkeys are a mainstay, here in the Mexican supermarkets.


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