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Visiting the U.S. As an Expat

Once more, we are experiencing a different perspective while visiting the U.S. We spent two weeks in Las Vegas and we’re looking at the sights somewhere in between the “local” perspective and foreign visitors. Often when travelling, abroad, or within the U.S, we look for insight from locals on good places to go. But, now, we steer towards the touristy places, because we want to seek out that part of the experience. For example, many local folks urged us to visit a shopping area called the Fremont Experience. After reading traveler reviews, before the trip, I can understand why locals would like it. And on a future visit, we will check it out. But this time, we wanted to experience Vegas as the many foreign visitors do. We are, now, outside San Francisco, visiting my brother’s family. Since we have Alison with us, for her first visit to California, we are grateful for information on where the locals go. But first priority is to see the places the tourists flock to.


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