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Several weeks, ago, I wrote about building our own journeys. I mentioned that we were celebrating the life of St. Francis at our “home church” which is the Mission of St. Francis, here in Tepoztlan. I played two hymns on my trumpet, the first was “All Creatures of our God and King.”About 18 were in attendance, and all went well. I found that I found joy, once more, in playing like I used to experience, playing at our church, back in Maryland. I realized that this came from progress in renewal in building relationships. This includes family and friends. The reason I am writing about this is that the Expat journey provides a unique context for refocusing on life challenges. The most important, to me, is about relationships. Some expats move away from friends and family. So they need to make new friends and in some cases, build new family relationships among those they meet in their new home. Occasionally, I read about this journey of renewal in other expat blogs, and it fascinates me. I believe this journey takes us in new directions.


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