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International Living Focus on Mexico

The periodical that helped us explore and plan for our move, abroad, is “International Living. They just announced that their focus, for 2018, is Mexico, given that this is such a popular expat destination. Counting those from the USA, alone, we have two million fellow expats. The more we travel to other prime expat destinations, the more we appreciate living where we are. The expats, here, (from around the World) have such intriguing background stories. The Mexican population includes Mexico City folks, Cuernavacans, and Tepoztecans (indiginous and Mestizos – a mix of mostly Nauhatl and Spanish). Weather is Spring-Like, all year, and the local history is fascinating – to include knowledge thousands of years old.

One of the especially unusual aspects of Tepoztlan is the abundance of micro-climates. This is because of differences in altitude and moisture among the collection of communities (barrios and neighborhoods) that comprise the town. I have mentioned this, in early posts, describing how the micro-climate changes, going from our altitude in our community to those up the hills and mountains. Recently, we went in the opposite direction. Our taxi driver misunderstood our request regarding our destination, and went to the floor of the valley, on the far side, where moisture collects. So, the vegetation was very lush, and banana trees were huge. I was reminded, a bit of the foliage in Veracruz, which had a lit more water than we usually see, throughout the year.


I have included a weblink to International Living’s announcement about their program for featuring Mexico:


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