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Following up on Facebook Posts on RJ Mitte and Nick Vujicic

I had mentioned that I am now following up on MexpatLife Page Facebook posts, for the benefit of readers who don’t use Facebook, and others who are interested in more detail. If you do an internet search engine search (Google or other) I believe information on RJ Mitte and Nick Vujicic is available, and the later is a “Ted Talk.” The reason I am focused on their stories is that I believe expats need a specific philosophy of Stocism. That is, they need to build a discipline to see challenge as opportunity. Mitte and Vujicic present powerful examples of such an approach. Mitte overcame Cerebral Palsy limitations on is ability to walk and talk. He developed the capability to play sports and went and act, winning a role on the hit series, “Breaking Bad.” Vujicic was born without arms and legs, and became an inspirational speaker. Our story and those of expat friends are not as dramatic. And it is also true that there are many circumstances besides the expat journey, where such examples can be helpful. But we were not being challenged, like we are now. I can say that the point of these individuals’ stories resonates more powerfully, now, as much as when I was facing my biggest challenges in my career and raising a family.


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