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Alone, Again…Naturally

I don’t know if my readers remember that Gilbert O’Sullivan song, “Alone, Again….Naturally.” Pretty sad song. I paid little attention to lyrics, but it was a song that got into your head, so it was hard not to get the drift of it. Anyway, I have discovered, again, how worthwhile solitude is. As an INTJ in the Myers-Briggs typology, I am supposed to find energy in time by myself. In addition to Anita’s having her own journey, Carlos, Alison and and the little girls are spending a couple days with the other set of grand-parents. This is a nice break.
I am sitting on the balcony, and the air, cleared by thunderstorms, is so clear. I feel I can reach out and touch the Tepozteca hills. There is a vibrant dance lesson happening, a short walk away (at the library). This local folk dancing involves a lot of stomping on wooden floors that really transmit the sound. A few years, back, when the dancing was a novelty, it was something I enjoyed. But it is pretty loud. Now, I feel like I am listening to an Orc army marching to seize the stronghold at Helm’s Deep in the movie “Lord of the Rings.” At any rate, I am having a great time, working on my book, making this post, and playing music on my trumpet, French Horn and Fluglehorn. Since the houses, hear are cement, and the rooms’ dimensions are large, the acoustics are pretty awesome.


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