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Using Angst

Angst refers to deep anxiety. It can include personal circumstances and the state of the World. Recently, our extended family has been working to take advantage of the Stoic approach to angst. It involves self-discipline in choosing how to respond to challenges and difficulty. Stoicism is a Greek philosophy, but bears much in common with other traditions. Certainly moving abroad and living in an extended family bring situations to produce angst. And the political situations in specific nations and the World, generally do, as well. For me, I have finally found a context for using angst to create my muse for writing with energy and passion. I believe that the successful retirement journey should include a central project provides the focus and flow of energy for everything else. This is true for our lives, generally. But for me, and perhaps others approaching retirement, circumstances beyond control can work to undermine our ability to maximize this approach. In retirement, we may gain some freedom to re-establish the control we had been losing.


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IT CAN BE IMPORTANT AND REFESHING TO BE LESS CONTROLLING ON RETIREMENT. By moving to a new culture and being retired, I had little control over my environment much of the time. Even more so having a Mexican family and wife. So, I am happily less goal focused but still productive, maybe a little to ad lib and spontaneious, but such is Mexico as well.

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