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Anita’s Expedition – a new approach for logistics.

Anita has been on her solo travelling expedition only since July 20, but in just 11 days she has already accomplished a lot. In my July 19 post, I mentioned how her trip supports a new program for us…becoming “World Expats.” So one of the projects in this program is developing a model for travelling that goes beyond our experience going to and from Mexico to the U.S. and within Mexico. Travelling lighter becomes more important because travelling in Europe, itself, to include trains planes and automobiles, requires more emphasis on ease of movement. So Anita has had to work harder on planning what clothes she can wear and pack for a wider range of climate than we are used to in Mexico/California/Maryland. And she has had to think more strategically about her entire inventory of possessions that she needs to move. So, during our last visit to Los Gatos, California she decided to take better advantage of technology. She bought an I- phone and a lens to attach to it. This way she could leave her DLSR behind, along with her Mac Aire that she was using to store photos. She uploads her photos to the I-cloud.


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