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World Expat

Our first priority in moving to Mexico was to discover what life was like, living in Tepoztlan. This expanded, in the first 3 years to learn more about Central Mexico and then the Northwest: Puerto Vallarta, Baja, and Puerto Vallarta. We will expand to other places in Mexico, in the near future. But we are also venturing into the world expat direction. This summer, Anita is re-learning German, travelling to two language programs. The first is in Tier, near France and Luxemburg. The second is in the Tyrol region of Austrian Alps. She will also connect to friends and family.

One of the themes in the World Expat journey is building networks that span several nations. For example, Anita met a new friend in Puerta Vallarta who is from Trier and is returning there to visit, during Anita’s stay there. She is also travelling to Prague to see a friend from Cuernavaca who is giving a keynote speech at a Montessori Conference, there. So, one piece of the program for Anita’s stay in Germany is to begin the foundation for blocks of time spent in other nations – with focus on Germany and Europe. There are projects keeping me in Mexico, this summer. One would be to expand my writing. But I will be heading to Germany and Europe soon enough. Another part of the focus on Europe is to explore our roots in Germany, Ireland and England. This will build on research I am doing online, in preparation.


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