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St. Miguel de Allenda (SMA)

We just returned from our annual visit to SMA. The primary purpose of our trip is to see Anita’s Integrative Medicine doctor, Yvette. But the second purpose is to see how things are changing in SMA and pass on the news in MexpatLife. While SMA has been a mecca for Canadian and US tourists and retirees, there have been more Mexican tourists and retirees becoming part of the landscape, here, over the past three years that we have been visiting, ourselves. In 2014, we went with a realtor to look at properties, and that is when we first learned that as Americans were moving out of SMA, Mexicans were replacing them. We collected some information this trip, to indicate that expats who had held on to their properties were finding a better market for retirees to rent them to. So, there seems to have been a more recent increase in Americans coming here, taking advantage of good rental prices.

The crowds of Mexican city folk, coming on the weekends are much bigger than we expected, during our visit this year. We have seen large numbers of visitors coming to Tepoztlan, from Mexico City on weekends – and festival weeks. But the scale of the numbers of visitors in SMA dwarfs that of “Chilengos” (Mexico City visitors) in our town. It would seem that one indicator of what is, now, the largest expanding economy in Latin America, is the growth of the Middle Class, which has spurred internal tourism.

The other indicator of economic development in Mexico is the rapidly expanding infrastructure and artifacts of business development. We noticed this in the Guadalajara area and even more so in the Queretero area which adjoins SMA. The highways and bridges are very impressive, and we saw many huge factories, warehouses, and business developments, many large trucks and other signs of robust expansion. We used the international airport at Queretero for the first time, versus taking a bus to Mexico City on our return trip. It was so impressive, and we noticed international business people taking advantage of this resource. We met one young lady, a consultant, returning home to Sao Paulo, Brazil, via Houston, and it seemed that there were other business consultants on her flight.


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Very interesting piece on SMA and the economy. What is the source for claiming that the Mexican economy is the fastest growing in Latin America? I only spent one night in SMA while study for several weeks in Guanajuato. Have you been to Zacatecas y Guanajuato? Many people like them more, though they are both becoming overly built up.

Let us partake of a cup of java next week. Nancy gets back from Zacatecas and I from Acapulco on Monday.

Vaya con Dios,

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