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Lake Chapala

After three years living in Mexico, we finally made it to one of the Meccas for Expats. In that three years, our lens for how we see places and people is different. There are some advantages for living, here, that are magnified. One feature is that of the scenery of the Lake, ringed by large hills and small mountains. Since it was very hazy during the visit, we needed to remember paintings of the view, to get the full measure. I was reminded of the view from the West Bank of the Sea of Galilee, looking from Israel into Jordan, when I was on leave during a ship visit to Haifa in 1979.

The other major quality that seemed heightened from our time, in Mexico, was the unique charm of the shops in the town of Ajijic and tranquility that formed the vibe for being there. But we have also had time to meet folks and had the name of a shop owner, Diane Pearl, and looked her up. So we had one of those moments when you feel you are led to meet someone to receive insight and inspiration. Diane sells beautiful pieces from local artists.  She also designs adult coloring pages that provide therapeutic qualities while filling them.

Diane is also leading an effort to reduce the large tax burden on arises which makes it hard for them to thrive. Baby Boomers rembering the cultural imperative of the 1960’s and early 1970’s can find a similar thread of activism for social justice in Mexican Culture. This thread comes from the struggles for Independence and the Revolutionary movements for equality. Making that connection, today, is not easy. Although, we have seen activism, first hand, at work in Tepoztlan, and elsewhere, near Mexico City and Oaxaca City.


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A thought provoking post. Dianne Pearl sounds like a true pearl. I wonder what she met about the high tax burdern. Most artists pay little taxes. My friend Volker Banser who lived several years in Tepoz had wanted to move to Ajijic or Chiapas, but died at age 69 before doint much on his bucket list.

JUST WONDERING HOW THE LAKE AT Chapala is doing? I visited the town in l972. Charming.

We missed you at church last week. Gillian said that your mother was not doing well. Sorry.

Am in ACAPULCO until Sat or Sunday.

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